PT Eagle High Plantation FFB output expected to increase 12% in Q4/2016

PT Eagle High Plantation FFB output expected to increase 12% in Q4/2016 
Jakarta - PT Eagle High Plantations Tbk (EHP) estimates that their fresh fruit bunch (FFB) production in Q4 of 2016 will increase by 12% when compared to the same period last year. The assessment was based on the age – relatively young – of the palm trees and the reduced impacts of El Nino this year.  
“The increase in the FFB production are in to the company’s oil palm trees being young Moreover, the company is expecting for the reduction of the impacts caused by El Nino this time around”, Company Secretary of PT EHP Deddy Setiadi said in Jakarta.
As widely known, El Nino has impacted Indonesia since early-2015 that led to a significant drop in FFB production from 2015 until mid-2016.
However, the effects of El Nino was expected to decrease towards the second half of 2016. This can be seen from the company’s FFB yields during Q4 that increased by 100% compared to the previous quarter.  
Deddy said that the company has commence operations for a palm oil mill (PKS) – with a capacity of 45 tons per hour – in November 2016. The mill is located at Ketapang Regency, West Kalimantan as the majority of the oil palm trees there are ready to be harvested.
“And most importantly, the company has been able to maintain the consistency of their Crude Palm Oil (CPO)’s Oil Extraction Rate (OER) at over 23.5%,” Deddy said.
Additionally, Deddy said, the company has implemented sustainable management of their oil palm estates as required by the government through the ISPO (Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil) certification. “This year PT Jaya Mandiri Sukses, one of the company’s subsidiaries, succeeded in obtaining the ISPO certificate,” he said. Subsequently, the company will elevate the standards of all of their subsidiaries by following the certifications.
As many would know, the company has succeeded in receiving the National PROPER (Assessment of Company’s Performance in Environmental Management Program) award with a Blue rating for PT Bumilanggeng Perdanatrada in 2016. PROPER is an instrument of supervision used by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) towards the industry’s environmental management in Indonesia.
Moreover, PT Jaya Mandiri Sukses received the ProperDa certificate with a Green rating from the East Kalimantan government whilst a similar ProperDa certificate with a Blue rating from the South Kalimantan government was given to PT Pesonalintas Surasejati.
PT Tandan Sawita Papua received an award from the Governor of Papua for their 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility in October.
Meanwhile, PT Jaya Mandiri Sukses accepted two awards in December 2016, namely the Certification of Merit from the government of Kutai Kartanegara Regency as the best plantation company in plantation development and partnership category in 2016 and the Certification of Merit from the Governor of East Kalimantan regarding the order, care and obedience towards plantation developments in East Kalimantan in 2016.