Corporate Social Responsibility

We view Corporate Social Responsibility as an investment, to help us gain the support of the local community so our company can grow in the future and to ensure the smooth running of our operations in the present.


Specific programs

CSR has very specific programs designed for each location. Sometimes the need is to improve the environment and infrastructure, like helping the community build an irrigation system to provide fresh water. Sometimes the need is economic and we help through supporting the local community to have their own small business like fisheries, animal farming, or making crackers to sell. Sometimes the need is spiritual or to support local cultural identity. Sometimes the need is education.



We provide funding, books and teachers to local schools. We also have a program for full education scholarships. Some of the students who have received scholarships are now graduating and working for the company. We hope they can one day become our senior managers.


Alabio ducks

One of our programs is farming Alabio Ducks. The Alabio duck is a special breed of duck from South Kalimantan, it has a yellow beak, and white and black coloring. The product is the duck egg. Each person in the program has thirty ducks which In five to eight days can produce one hundred and fifty eggs. The price in 2014 was Rp2,500 per egg. This can give income of up to Rp2,0000,000 a month per person.


Fish crackers

In another small business program, we help groups in our local communities make and sell popular fish and wheat crackers, which we saw as a good business opportunity for them because supply of the crackers is less than demand. This program is designed for groups of ten people. We buy the machine to make the crackers, we train them how to use it and we help with the marketing. In one month, with the current price of crackers, one group can earn around Rp18 million.


River farms

Our fish farming projects help communities who live near rivers around our plantations to build fish cages and irrigation systems along the river. We help them to buy the first fish and coordinate with the local government fishery department to help with training and monitoring. One group of five people has six fish pools. They produce about 60 kg of fish per month, and in 2014 the average price was about Rp25,000 per kg. meaning they can get income of about Rp3.6 million per person per month.


Helping communities

In recent years we have also helped communities learn how to recycle plastic into goods like bags, wallets and baskets which they can sell, make ceremonial baskets traditionally used to ward off bad luck, build bridges, mend roads, renovate traditional markets, and build drainage systems. We have been given several charity awards by local governments.