Managing for growth

We have both substantial land reserves and significant upside through the maturity profile of our palm plantations. The average age of our more than 150,000 hectares of plantations is a very young 6.4 years. We have a growing plasma scheme to ensure sustainable practices are properly disseminated across our partner smallholder farmers.

Managing for Productivity

All harvested fruit is collected and processed in 24 hours. Modern hydraulic lifts and power tools ensure our harvesting and collection is speedy, while bin collection systems avoid double handling and reduces truck utilization. Our operations are strategically located close to major ports and rivers to ensure our supply chain is as efficient as possible.

Managing for the Environment

Our extensive R&D includes the application of environmentally sustainable agronomic practices. We develop biological solutions using owls and bees among others to protect against pests and disease. There is zero waste when we process fruit into oil. We recycle and compost empty fruit bunches and mill effluent as organic fertilizers.